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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
bloody hell

so the Police are actively engaging in shutting down Icke speaking events based on pure lies and libel / slander ?

that's what it is , libel / slander

and LMFAO @ some idiot in those emails saying he doesn't have much public support

if you are reading this Mr Invisible , I can promise you Icke has more readers and support than you can possibly imagine

I've met people from all over the world who have listened to or read Ickes work

and you know what ?

every year I speak to more and more people who know who he is and what he says

twenty years ago not so much , ten years ago not so much but these days ?

LMFAO @ not much public support

total fantasy land
...and...might I add....
They (strangers) do not laugh at you that he's so and so or that guy who talks about reptilians. They see the message he has given out which is how this world is that right? That is the case with me.
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