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Originally Posted by freereality View Post
Yes I agree the carbon tax is a big pile of rubbish. But this doesn't address the fact that I don't want to breath in smog in the city and be a slave to the oil companies. We should be able to have alternative energy without a carbon tax, plain and simple. Then let supply and demand dictate what is best for humanity. My guess is people will choose electric vehicles over combustion engines in the long run, not due to global warming, but because the demand is there to not breath in smog.
i fully agree, but when these powerful families controling the creation, supply and collection of currency, they manipulate the markets to ensure self financial preservation, regardless of the effect on our environment..
corruptions rules through secrecy!
we need first to bring about a real change..a change in the way the countries are run!!
fully open accountable governance, with prosecution on all wrong doings!!
then sort out the pollution issue through fining culprits the clean up costs etc.
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