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This is great that the truth comes out, but smog and fossil fuels still piss me off. I live in a city where smog is probably altering the DNA of many people. The other day I was behind a firetruck in traffic and the horrid spew that was coming from this machine as i drove behind it was unbearable. Even when shifting over 2 lanes I was still bombarded by it.

I'm no apologist for these lying scum, but would many agree that the excess pollution in big cities can't be good for you? Do we continue milking the earth of fossil fuels and polluting us to death or still try to find alternative energy sources? Just because climate change was proven as a hoax does it mean we continue supporting big oil and have them milk us for every last discresionary dollar we have?

It's a pisser because the rothchilds and other big wigs are the main ones pushing the alternative energy agenda. How can we get alternative energy sources without these illuminati heathons taking advantage of it?
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