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I am not sure about how the world is run and how we are being manipulated side of things - this is where my journey started out by watching Icke videos and reading the books etc, then i have my own personal awakening which has been really really tough, my whole life has basically crashed and things are happening at a quick rate! Things are tough but i am starting to come out the other side after seeing through people i know, losing my business, my car, my daughter needing a liver transplant, having no money and lots of struggles money wise - selling up our old lives as it feels right to do that.
I remember that if it's easy and straightforward and it feels right then it is, if it's a struggle and you keep hitting obstacles then it is not for me.
I have started being extremely grateful for what i have, less selfish, watching what i eat and growing my own veg this year and have found medatating and crystals have helped massively. I love the syncrinicities that happen often and everything positive tht happens when you change your life
And most importantly - KEEP GROUNDED!

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