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Originally Posted by 1964 View Post

I'm not positive about this, but it could be that you're only adding your information every time you search for yourself.

SNAP !!!! I wondered that too.

What a flaming site.

They say: they even get info from phone books.

I`m fast concluding that the best way to try and stay private online is
by not joining any websites.... nor signing up for any newsletters ect..... and certainly keep off net-working sites like MugBook (aka: FaceBook)

If you read what they say on that site though - they even ask people for EMAIL PASSWORDS (to their email account !!!!)
Its not essential but they said something about helping them to search better.
THAT IS WHAT FACEBOOK DID IN THE EARLY DAYS (but they dont seem to do that anymore)
Once someone gets a persons email password then they can read all their private emails.

I`m thinking of changing all my email addresses tomorrow, but if I do.....
I`ll obviously lose my account on this DI site.

The site seems much, much worse for people in the U.S. - but that might just extend to U.K. in the future (who knows)

Someone posted this yesterday :

Big Brother but FOR REAL

That should give ppl an idea what all the DATA SHARING is about.
They want everyone to share everything with everyone else.
That guy sure looks creepy to me.

It makes me wonder how much info gathering is being done from THIS D.I. website ?????
I think I see the DOOR... and its got `EXIT` written on it LOL
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