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Originally Posted by thedefender View Post I know why I was on the site.

I like how they say that "Spokeo respects your privacy, and you can easily opt out of Spokeo’s public search if desired."

What a load of shit. If they respected your privacy they would not do this; and if you never knew about this site how would you ever delete the information they are posting. Assholes.
You're right. They talk about respecting privacy, but they market it as a tool for gossip: Find out what your friends are doing; secret pictures; secret videos; blah.

Thing is, this isn't new. It's been going on for a lonnnng time. When I first got on the 'net about 12 years ago, only the "paranoid" people warned you against keeping your info private. I met one guy who had several firewalls and antivirus programs on his one computer 12 years ago. I thought, wow, he's got a problem

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