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Originally Posted by blythe View Post
Because we are being forcefully civilized.

There is absolutely no doubt that corporations are evil and are destroying the land, I'm not saying they're not. I'm just saying the head honchos of the world seem to know what they're doing. This does not mean that all CEOs have our best interest in mind in any shape or form.

I think we are given free will to a large extent, however we're being watched over so we continue to evolve no matter what happens. So, if a CEO wants to go frack and a lot of the population is manipulated into accepting it, he can go frack, but if it gets too out of hand, someone steps in, but only when it REALLY gets out of hand. If we were completely controlled we would instinctively rebel, so it must be done very subtly.

If someone wants to go kill a bunch of people, it's not like they will step in and stop that, it's not a "superhero" sort of watching over, it's a neutral "just so you don't obliterate eachother" sort of watching over. The system itself is designed to "civilize" us, to pull us away from our animal instincts.

People in this thread talk about us not having animal instincts, surely you live a protected life. I used to live in a small bubble in a suburban mostly crime free town, then I started traveling. I've seen people go into a primal rage and beat the shit out of someone, I've seen people pull a gun on someone in a case of road rage where the person was simply going 10 under the speed limit. I've seen someone get shot (in St Louis) and everyone around walking around like it happens regularly, and the cops acting like it always happens as well.

Once I left my bubble, I saw true humanity, and understood the brutality of humans throughout history a LOT better. Are there truly good people out there? Of course, but most of them are selfish as well. A lot of religious people are religious just because they're afraid for themselves, and while they are warm and welcoming on the outside, they're afraid and confused on the inside, this is the same phenomenon going on in the "spiritual" community. It's just a new religion, instead of a being such as Jesus, it is now "love and light" that will save us.

I'm not suggesting that people are inherently evil, or good, we're just animals being domesticated. Those who see us as above animals are not thinking of the big picture and are usually fairly egotistical to believe our lives are more important than other living things on this planet.
I don't believe that we are being 'civilized'; i think that civilization is actually being undermined at the moment.

There are different aspects to the human psyche. So jung spoke about the 'animal nature' of our being which is our more base impulses towards for example sex and violence. The christians might call this the 'devil', but it is not something that should be denied or demonised but rather acknowledged, understood and balanced. The animal nature has uses for example we need it to procreate and we need it to defend ourselves. The problem comes when it gets out of balance and 'possesses' a person.

The situations of violence you mention above are occuring in environments where certain cultures exist that encourage the animal nature by pushing sex and violence on people. So environment can have an effect on people. Psychopathy is passed down through the genes in a hereditary way but secondary psychopathy can be caused through environment for example someone growing up in a violent culture where they become brutalised and insensitive to the suffering of others.

So in terms of creating a harmonious society it requires a balance. But a society that alleviates poverty will find that there is also less crime, less violence and less aggrivation in general. If you want to encourage a more base, animalistic side to humans then push poverty on them and that is what the top 00.01% are doing to the rest of society at the moment

Instead of demonising all of human nature because you have seen some of the darker aspects of it why not recognise that a small number of people are weilding a lot of power and are using it to push poverty onto the rest of humanity which will then cause more desperation and more desperate acts? If you want the best from people then you need to create the best possible environment for them but at the moment we are seeing the worst conditions being created which are dehumanising people.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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