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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
All I am going to do here is illustrate some of the very bizarre posting trends that have occurred on this thread. If one again cares to peruse the 'Who Posted' link, then they will see the following data.

User Name Posts
alf hearted 2,764
baboshka1 1,495
susan0207 1,371
ponpon 1,368
ledingue 1,119
jonquays 913
silent revolution 829
boiow 561
frankanne 547
surfer12 507
sucheta19 472
rory123 435
miaoandbau 433
notbuyingit 416
the nine 380
bsharp 377
agrona 370
sprat 360
nadams 321
deediddle 311
frase 295
masonma71 282
pinochio 232
elshaper 216
supertzar 214
velma 209
bubblewrapped 201
illuminumnuts 180
i_am 163
roastpotatoes 162
floyde 147
incensed 138
nathanhale 137
oreally 134
midicon 132
bazinga 115
metaspiral 112
nw13254 105
mjharris 103

All of the above forumites have made at least 100 posts on this thread. The ones whose names are in boldened text have all been vehemently pushing the 'Total Hoax' angle, while usually attacking anyone who disagrees with them. There have been 20,736 posts made on this thread in total thus far. What is striking is that 6 out of the top 7 posters, who are all deniers, account for 8491 posts alone. This translates to about 40% of the total number of posts made on this thread, which were all made over a period of only 5 months. What is even more striking is that they virtually all left the thread at roughly the same time, which happened to be not long after a 'certain blog' had become well established.

alf hearted - 11th August 2015. Never came back.
baboshka1 - 6th August 2015. Came back 6 months later, with only a handful of posts.
susan0207 - 16th August 2015. Never came back.
ledingue - 29th June 2015. Never came back.
jonquays - 5th August 2015. Came back 6 months later, with only one post.
silent revolution - 1st July 2015. Came back 1 year later, with only one post.

Exactly the same can be said of almost all the other posters whose names are in boldened text.

rory123 - 7th August 2015. Came back 8 months later, with only one post.
agrona - 12th August 2015. Never came back.
sprat - 18th August 2015. Never came back.
nadams - 23rd July 2015. Never came back. Told me to leave thread and go to bed!
deediddle - 6th August 2015. Never came back.
floyde - 16th April 2015. Never came back.
nathanhale - 30th April 2015. Never came back.
midicon - 13th August 2015. Came back 6 months later, with 18 further posts.
mjharris - 6th August 2015. Never came back.

All told, 10 of these 15 posters miraculously left the thread, in unison, between 6th August 2015 and 18th August 2015. This is a 12 day Exodus of biblical proportions. All told, only 5 of these 15 posters ever came back, with 3 of them miraculously all turning up again almost exactly 6 months later.

It is also of note that 3 of the 5 posters who did come back, 2 of them with only one further post and the other with specifically their first post back, seemed to have a bit of a personal problem with AC. As follows:

silent revolution - 'So has Spoonman been put away yet? Sorry I can't remember his name. The one who beat up the kids and made them make up stories about some far fetched satanic cult thriving in the streets of Hampstead.'

rory123 - 'Hello Abe, time to turn yourself in.'

midicon - 'Me too. It took great courage to tell what Christie and Draper put them through. Fear isn't really the mind killer, that's just a silly quote from a book Christie read.'
For the record, midicon is wrong, as fear really is the mind killer.

I would also like to add that most of the 15 posters I have highlighted seemed to miraculously know who 'someone' was, almost immediately, whenever this 'someone' tried to post anything on this thread. Someone was blatantly being tracked online and was this possibly AC himself? All such accounts were banned at their personal request. On top of that, it seemed that almost all of the other accounts, which were forced to exit this thread, were solely from the questioning side of the fence.

Finally, what is even more concerning is that 9 of the 15 accounts I have highlighted were already set up before this story broke. Of those 9 accounts, 3 accounts were specifically set up in July 2014, which is when a whole load of cointelpro sock accounts were set up on this forum. I alerted the forum staff to this issue a long while back by the way.

I can see that 2 of these accounts were set up within 3 days of each other, with the third being set up a fortnight later. All 3 of these accounts are now also 'Inactive'. What are the chances?

Anyhow, while one might attempt to argue that some people just happened to get together to try and debunk the Hampstead case in February 2015; and while one might attempt to argue that all the prolific deniers on this thread, with accounts predating the emergence of this case, just happened to genuinely not believe any of it; how on earth does one attempt to argue an explanation that caters for 3 predated cointelpro sock accounts being involved in the fray? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
Remember the forum went down for maintenance for ages and so some of the momentum was lost. also the gaps in the timeline coincide with the release of new info on Youtube.

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