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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
That's a very amusing comment .... you should know from my posts by now that I have a 'basic working knowledge' of everything and in all areas of science it goes far beyond that ... I am an active member of no less than 6 science forums ... ... you can find me there under the same username I have here . Why don't you join one and you can show us what you got .... because despite what is implied by your avatar I haven't seen much evidence of scientific understanding ....
You are surely a true asset to the forum. Thank god for a member like you to keep us properly informed on everything.

Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post

Aviation flue is frequently tested to meet tight parameters Do I really have to address that???? There is a conspiracy so the illuminati will have their people doing the testing !!!....
You are taking the piss now - right? I mean, a man of science using one conspiracy to support another...

I can see no reason to continue for the time being. Please keep the thread on track oz...
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