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Originally Posted by alphaandomega View Post
The only problem I have with information being presented in the form such as the video in this post is that it is not presented straightforwardly. Whenever I see a video with trance like music in the background, my guard goes up and I wonder, if it is that important why try to hypnotize the viewer? Why not just state your case and let us make up our minds without subliminal conditioning in your message? Making it sound like a rave shifts the focus from the message to a subliminal message within the message perhaps? Just questioning the methodology not the message!
Ordinarily I'd agree with you fully, but the person that made the YT used to be a regular on this forum and goes by the name Planet Frog. I'm certain his intentions were good, and that his only goal was to share information.

I can forgive the distraction of music and background noise for the sake of the excellent information offered.

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