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Originally Posted by tinmenace View Post

I agree, he really has a way of unraveling difficult-to-understand concepts.

I think it's important for people to realize that there is so much more than the conspiracy and symbolism. There's miles and miles more. I just wish people would push forward, continue reading, continue researching. It's the only way we evolve, and it's a do-it-yourself process. We can offer information but it's really up to each individual to educate him/her self.

Again, I agree!

It's why I get my information from different sources. Instead of just checking out David Icke's work, I check out every area and see if it holds any truth to me. But Icke is the first person to really hit me and make me understand what we're actually dealing with, within this experience.

And the most amazing thing is, I no longer feel any fear to this information. None at all, I was so afraid of Icke's work, let alone watching Zeitgeist Addendum. The first Zeitgeist changed my life and I went on a long crusade to ignore it and trying to be skeptical and debunking. A big Atheist who thought he had it all figured out, but it just shows how dangerous ignorance really is. Funnily enough it was Robert Menards stuff that made the light switch back on and make me realize our own language is used against us. Plus I don't care what anyone says or does to debunk 9/11, I can see what actually happened and no matter how skeptical I became, I couldn't deny the real truth of that day.

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here haha, but we all have to remember that even David Icke has questions he'd like to have answered and is still in the pursuit of 'Truth' whatever that may be.
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