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Originally Posted by morethanatheory View Post
As of now, this is the single greatest thread i've found on the forum. Helps to understand alot.

I agree, just when I was thinking of leaving!

David Icke explained this perfectly for me at the Australian 2009 presentation, I totally got what he meant by it and the interview he did with Freedom Central. It took a while to fully get it, but once I saw both I now understand, I've got my Mum on to it too and we've both had our minds blown, talking about it everyday.

I know David Wilcock ( the guy who created 2012 Enigma) talks about this stuff a lot and he mentioned the split atom test in his presentation, talks about the Pineal Gland, the power grids on Earth, what Pryamids are for etc.

It's all starting to make total sense and I'm so glad there is people on here who are following this work and believe in it. Because going anywhere else on this forum and it's like no one is actually aware of this 'revealation' as such!

Thank you tinmenace
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