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Originally Posted by spock View Post
Boss that Ron.
Seriously good rock voice dude.

Well. I’m glad you made it to tell the tale brother.
That was a narrow escape that.

Love the big hair tho mate.
I had large hair in the 90’s.
Unfortunately, I’ve got a large hole in the back of my hair now.
The front fell off an all.
But there is still a tiny bit in the middle.

That was great, Ron.
The young Ron Rocked.

I think our bands 90’s gigs would have pretty much been a bunch of drunken Coke heads.
Caused a lot of problems that kind of thing.
But that was what it was like. It seemed like 24/7 parties.
Drink and drugs certainly didn’t help physically or mentally.
I fell apart physically after all that. Injuries etc.

Now it’s just tea.

Yeah. Success?
Well. I’m still here. Playing.
I’ve survived. Up until now.
That’s Success to me.
I outlived Bonham and moon.
Even if my hair didn’t.

What do you define as success now all we’re well into our 40’s?

Having a decent tape. … er. … digitally encoded permantisation of a musical occurance?
I just want to be able to make music that I’m happy with.
With people that I like.
And have a good quality copy to share with people.
Maybe do a few gigs.

I’ve made myself a snare drum out of mahogany and oak.
And this year I’m going to make a bass and a couple of guitars.
So doing all that as one continuous musically connected something.
Creating instruments and music.
To do a gig with everyone playing my instruments. Would be a success.
I can make anything but money.
So I stopped chasing it. :

I’m lucky I can still play.
Lucky my mates are still here to jam with.
Lucky I still have hands to make stuff with.

Life is mad as fuck.
This is just the next chapter.
All of my heroes were junkies, or pretended to be, and all name dropped Crowley.... Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates considered himself a Thelemite FFS! Ya know? What can you do. I wasn't aware that the industry was run by the same people who profit from the sales of hard drugs then, and that it was in their best interest to convince us that heroin and coke were cool things to do -- dangerous and cool. Keith Richards is probably more responsible for people experimenting with heroin than anyone outside of the medical profession. One of the best salesman they had. And you with Bonham and Moon? ..... GREAT role models... But both guys were great at what they did.

But you grow up. I still like making music, but there's no pressure to do it and hasn't been for years. There was a time I almost had to write music because I was inspired to write. I love it because it is magic, and it's beautiful. they engineer music now to directly pull on emotions like depression, sadness, anger... then they have music that is straight sexual, and music that will make you feel exuberant. They just have to fuck with everything....

I like your song too, because it's pure. It's right there. Can't wait to hear the finished, though it will just be a "shinier" version of the above.

The original I posted above, I once heard the demo of it on the radio station in Vancouver, we sent it to the DJ we knew, hoped he would play it to hype our gig that night. I heard it in between Alice In Chains "Would" and a Canadian group called Moist with their uber depressing song "Push", and it just seemed so positive in the midst of that misery. These are the lyrics;

Tomorrow Comes

When it's late
In the evening
And I'm feeling so tired
I can't relate -
In fact, I'm barely breathing
My day has just expired

Just let me sleep on it
I'll give you an answer in the morning
Come the light of day
Just let me sleep,
I'll let my mind wander.....

Until Tomorrow...

No no, really,
I am serious
This truth can only set you free
I see it clearly
Inside of the subconscious
There's everything that I need

So just let me sleep on it
I'll give you the answer in the morning
Come the light of day
Just let me sleep
I'll let my mind wander

Until Tomorrow Comes
I'll let my dreams carry me
Until Tomorrow Comes
And it WILL come
I'll let my dreams......

I dream in color....
I know of no other


I thought it was really positive -- Tomorrow Comes, there's another day. It is what it is, I could have been living off the royalties for all I know.

But my sphincter and self respect are both intact, so that's a bonus, eh?

Keep rocking, and keep creating. Drummer eh? Bless you man, your "breed" are unique. Two jokes...

"What do musicians who can't play an instrument do? Play drums."

And "I couldn't even spell drummer before.... now, I are one."

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