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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post
Life is so much more interesting than any god damn film or book, isn't it? Nothing beats this experience ultimately, NOTHING. What a story!

Yes, your friend was not meant to go, and was meant to be tested most aggressively for whatever reasons.... that's for him. And that's life in kind of a nutshell.

I almost died at 15 of an overdose. Many cardinal rules were broken by very young friends and because of it I am here. A 14 and 15 year old literally dragged me almost 2 miles while I was unconscious. They planned to take me to a friend's house to sleep. When I got there, the 16 year old said "He looks like he's dying...." and in a panic called my house. No one was there but my sister who was just heading out to pick up my brother, but she decided to answer the phone. She rushed me to a hospital and they said in 10 minutes they would not have been able to do anything. I was in a coma, my extremities were turning blue as were my lips.... and I made it by a thread.

Even then for some reason, I never thought of "I almost died.... " all drama style, it was "A lot of things happened and I'm still alive." My liver recovered in a few weeks, and to this day I have problems with circulation in my hands and feet.

I used to be in bands, had my eye on the prize, was good at what I did, but found out early that being pretty has it's advantages in some ways, but it makes you a target for idiots. I've never had more opportunities for sex with men than when I was trying to get into the music business. It wasn't for me.

This is the last band I was in, 1995, we were going to make an album, things going a certain way.... and I lost the desire to do it in that capacity. I was a little bit wrecked at this one, very unprofessional and unfortunately that's the way it went. Good show nonetheless. I posted this on here before, more like a "Check this out, it's young Ron" than promoting it. I'm the singer.

BTW, when the girls with the nice bums are dancing....

Boss that Ron.
Seriously good rock voice dude.

Well. I’m glad you made it to tell the tale brother.
That was a narrow escape that.

Love the big hair tho mate.
I had large hair in the 90’s.
Unfortunately, I’ve got a large hole in the back of my hair now.
The front fell off an all.
But there is still a tiny bit in the middle.

That was great, Ron.
The young Ron Rocked.

I think our bands 90’s gigs would have pretty much been a bunch of drunken Coke heads.
Caused a lot of problems that kind of thing.
But that was what it was like. It seemed like 24/7 parties.
Drink and drugs certainly didn’t help physically or mentally.
I fell apart physically after all that. Injuries etc.

Now it’s just tea.

Yeah. Success?
Well. I’m still here. Playing.
I’ve survived. Up until now.
That’s Success to me.
I outlived Bonham and moon.
Even if my hair didn’t.

What do you define as success now all we’re well into our 40’s?

Having a decent tape. … er. … digitally encoded permantisation of a musical occurance?
I just want to be able to make music that I’m happy with.
With people that I like.
And have a good quality copy to share with people.
Maybe do a few gigs.

I’ve made myself a snare drum out of mahogany and oak.
And this year I’m going to make a bass and a couple of guitars.
So doing all that as one continuous musically connected something.
Creating instruments and music.
To do a gig with everyone playing my instruments. Would be a success.
I can make anything but money.
So I stopped chasing it.

I’m lucky I can still play.
Lucky my mates are still here to jam with.
Lucky I still have hands to make stuff with.

Life is mad as fuck.
This is just the next chapter.

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