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Originally Posted by theveraciousone View Post

I agree with this...

ive been a fan of jones since 2002, and listened straight for about 7-8 years...

he gives info, important info.

but now id agree with you in saying , he has found a good days wage fear mongering ,speaking of it daily and offering his solutions....

now im not saying what he is selling is not good, in fact all of his products are top notch, and he means well...... although he say selling this stuff supports his operation. but in all honesty... he was up and running before all this "product selling" which im sure has become profitable...

now nobody knows when the next false flag will happen again...but Alex has found his style in getting most people on edge daily....which might make more money....?

as an old friend told me....
98% truth ans 2% bullshit........ all of them.

its up to us to weeds out the bullshit.
perhaps you should stick to reading the mainstream corporate media if it bothers you so much?
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