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Nonsense. You can still get your ideas across in a civilised manner. He does not need to shout so much, because he does so in situations where he is not being shouted at, so there is no need for it. This does not show that he has better ideas than the other person. It shows the opposite actually, or it shows that he has not learned manners. A person is not right just because they shout the loudest and most aggressively.

I am not saying he doesn't have many good ideas and access to a lot of great information. I'm sure he does. What I am saying is that if his ideas are so good, they should get him through without resorting to such behaviour, because if you explain good ideas sufficiently well then a lot of intelligent people will understand them. It's the same with teaching. It is common wisdom that if a school teacher needs to resort to shouting at his students then he/she has failed. Likewise, if you have to resort to shouting during an argument, you have failed. Your ideas and reasoning are not strong enough to win on their own merit.

So he lets himself down with this behaviour.

He has lots of listeners. There may be many reasons for that. Many of them may like the controversial topics. Many may like his confrontational style. That doesn't mean his style is the best way to get your point across.

Lots of people enjoy watching boxing. That doesn't mean punching someone in the face is a good way to behave. People also enjoy watching horror films. That's also not proof it's a good way to behave. Things get popular because they are entertaining, not because they are good examples of how to conduct yourself.

All kinds of rubbish things are popular. As a rule, people are easily entertained by the most awful things. How else do you explain Justin Beiber?

Now, if instead of explaining all this rationally as I have done here, I was to come round your house and scream it really loudly in your face, not letting you get a word in edgeways, would that make my point any more valid?

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