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Default I Really Dislike Alex Jones's Debating Style

I was going to title this post simply "I hate Alex Jones", but I decided against it for 2 reasons:
  1. Hate is a very strong word
  2. I don't know him on a personal level

But I really dislike the way he shouts when someone disagrees with him. In my mind, the rule of debating is that as soon as you shout or use violence, you instantly lose. Because the only time when someone gets violent (either physically OR verbally) is when they feel under threat in some way. And if a person feels under threat in a debate, it must mean they feel like they are losing. Therefore it makes that person look bad, because they can't allow their point of view to stand up on its own strength.

If a person has strong points in a debate, they should be able to get those points across is a calm and reasoned manner. Their logic should stand up on its own. Why? Because if we don't approach debates in that calm and logical way, it just descends into a fight where whoever shouts loudest wins or who whoever punches hardest wins, or in the case of warring countries, whoever has the biggest weapons wins. Whereas: letting the other person have their full say, and THEN refuting it with logic and reason, that is gives you the best chance of convincing others that your point of view is the most sensible one.

So, Alex, you shout, you lose. At that instant, all your points are null and void, even if they potentially could have made sense had you voiced them in a reasonable way.

My guess is, he grew up in a household where his parents shouted at each other a lot, and whenever there was a fight like that, whoever shouted the loudest won the fight. But this is merely speculation.
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