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I don't think Reed claimed that object was a ship. He thinks it was more of a portal or something holding a "gate" between our dimension and another. What's ironic is I actually saw something vaguely like that recently. I think I might have put it in my "non-physical ETs" thread. I was staring out the window, zoning out and suddenly I saw a very shadowy-greyish looking disk-shaped object across the street, up against the house. It was maybe 4 feet wide and 2 feet from top to bottom. The edges were rounded and it was more disk-shaped than the object Reed saw. As soon as I saw the object, I snapped my head around to focus on it, and it was gone. This happened within seconds. I have no idea if it was just a case of my eyes playing a trick on me or what.

If he's faking it, the man should be an actor because he seems very genuine in the youtube clip.
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