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You've put together a great thread, Shelly. I see you have an interest in a particular subject that's very interesting to me too. I've been considering for a bit now, that fairies could be extraterrestrials, or ultraterrestrials (advanced earth-born species for those unaware of the term). You placed them in this thread, so I can assume you share similar views.

The similarities between fairytales and UFO abductee stories are strikingly similar. Both can include bright lights in the sky, illuminated beings, people being enthralled and taken, then later returned.

Will-o-the-wisps are certainly interesting. In some cases the sightings could have been ignited methane pockets from bogs and swamps. Others are not so easily written off. The old descriptions, to me, sound very similar to UFO lights.

Another idea, is that the fairy form could be one that is chosen by an advanced extraterrestrial/ultraterrestrial, in which to interact on a level that is more easily understood by our species. Their actual form may look displeasing, or in a form we can't perceive.

The idea of ultraterrestrials to many, is not a possibility. I'll paraphrase an an analogy I have used before which was inspired by an article I read. Assume there is a jungle in a human owned country, like India. In that jungle, there are remote areas that humans rarely venture into. Out in that region, there are troops of monkeys that have their own culture, language, and territorial borders like we have. The troops are like their own miniature governments, complete with leaders. They fight for territorial control, and resources like we do. These monkeys have never seen a human before, and to them, they are the top beings.

One day, one of the monkeys disappears after some loud crashing was heard in the jungle. It reappears back days later, with a strange collar on. The monkey tells it's kin of strange creatures who walk on two legs, wearing strange material. It talks about how it felt a stinging sensation, and then everything goes black. It has fleeting memories of human faces, and being touched all over. The other monkeys think it's gone crazy, making it an outcast.

Over the next few weeks, it happens to more monkeys, all talking of the same things. They too are outcasted. Finally one day, strange noises and crunching of leaves and sticks enters the monkey's lands. They are all surprised to see the exact beings that the other monkeys had told them of. They don't know what to do, so they start to hoot and holler, hoping the strange beings leave. Soon, the whole troop is darted, inspected, collared, and released.

Little did the monkeys know, the humans were not new, and had been around all along. They don't know anything beyond their own projected reality, so in their minds, humans could not exist. The same could be happening here right now on Earth. There could be advanced creatures living in remote areas of the world, or even underground, and most of us would be none the wiser because of our level of consciousness.

Here is the article I mentioned before.
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