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Originally Posted by aurum View Post
I hear ya, but women also need to take on some personal responsibility as well. She went back to his hotel room- what did she think was going to happen? A game of Guess Who? I understand that she was a young naive girl- which begs the question why she was attending a rock concert without adult supervision in the first place...

All I'm saying, and don't blast me for this- but you can understand how it sends mixed signals. She was taken advantage of- of that I have no doubt. But the key questions are, did he know she was underage, and did she express her unwillingness to consent?

Even at 14, you know what champagne is, you know what going back to someone's room is all about. So it sends a confused message, and women do need to take some responsibility for the situations they put themselves in- harsh but true.

If he didn't know that she was underage, it's difficult to argue that he took advantage of her- because he was presuming consent if she never expressed otherwise. I'll get blasted again for saying this, but these things happen if you're mixing in adult circles. She should never have found herself in that situation to begin with. That said, to wait some 40+ years (?) after the event to go public, on the back of other high-profile cases... I don't know...
I've read her account- and she was forced into by him- he plied her with what sounds like drugged champagne- she said it tasted bitter ( champagne tastes sweet not bitter) and after a few sips of it she went numb and he put her on the bed and got on top of her. A few sips of champagne is not gonna make someone go numb, not even a 14 year old. He drugged her with the intent to make her unable to stop him the filthy pervert. He knew she was an inexperienced virgin- girls that young and inexperienced are different to experienced girls in looks and manner. A man like that who'd been with loads of women can tell when someone is young and inexperienced- he got his flunky to get her alone- she wasn't even planning to go to his hotel room- she wanted an autograph and the flunky took her to this perv's room which she was not expecting.
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