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In the second stage, training should be extended from three to four hours a day. After the completion of the first stage, average time to complete the second stage varies from four to six months.

The training starts exactly the same way like in the first stage, with the student’s achievement of 70% accuracy only by using the inner sense of psychic touch. A new element, which the student has to add to the training, is focusing on the mental screen in a similar way previously described in the remote viewing process.

The student should become a passive observer and wait for the mental screen to become visible. When the level of concentration is reached and the mental screen is visible, the student has to change its location.

That can be done by using mental efforts to pull the mental screen from the location in front of the student’s closed eyes to the back of the head. Perhaps, in the beginning, the student will encounter some difficulty to achieve that, but with practice, he/she will succeed to hold the mental screen on the back of the head.

The best way is to visualize that the mental screen has become transparent, to look for the counters of the table and to try to catch the rectangle form of the zener card, which is in the middle of it.
The most important thing for a student is not to forget to lose the psychic touch with the table behind even for a second.

Both processes should be done in parallel mode, and the mental screen should be frozen in the right direction by the guidance of the psychic touch. Next thing that the student should do is to try to observe through the mental screen towards the table where the card is.

At the same time, the student has to free him/herself from all the other thoughts or emotions and to concentrate on the observation as best as possible.

With the intensive concentration, the contours of the table and the card, which is on it, will start to emerge from the depths of the student’s mental screen. The student’s consciousness must be completely stable and frozen on those very weak counters appearing on the mental screen on the back of his head.

The primary process in this stage will be similar to making a hole in the back of one’s head. The stronger the mental pressure on the back of the head becomes the stronger and more visible the mental screen becomes. By mental pressure, I do not mean physical grip of the neck or the head. I mean psychic pressure which is psychical 100 %, and which is a natural result of the strength of the consciousness reached by previous training with the zener cards.

In other words, the student guided by the psychical bridge between him/her and the table behind must force the consciousness with enormous amount of mental strength to make a psychic fissure in the back of the head. The appearance of this psychic fissure is the first sign that the third eye of the student has started awakening.

This period of training is very important because the actual thing that is happening is creation of the fissure in the etheric matter and the third eye will be learning to observe through it. Anyway, the student will know when this fissure is present if he/she experiences these effects in the consciousness:

Because of the major mental effort during focusing on observation through the mental screen in the direction of the table where the zener card is with the symbol up, one will soon feel that something has changed in his/her inner sight.

The darkness of the mental screen will be altered by some illumination. Then, as the mental pressure on the zener card starts to hit stronger, it will become gray. Next, the gray color of the mental screen will start to express some foggy characteristics. Stronger concentration with the mental force through this foggy background will make the dot with less density visible on the mental screen.

Finally, in this small dot something similar to a small fissure will start to appear. Everything around this small fissure will remain foggy, but some light will start to appear in it. If the student continues pushing the mental force through this small fissure, he/she will realize that he/she is seeing something. At first, one will see unclear contours but in time and with practice he/she will develop his/her psychic observation.

Once the psychic fissure appears, the consciousness of the student must not become weaker not even for a second, but to keep the fissure open all the time. The fissure can also appear in some other direction like table legs or so, and the student should put some mental efforts to relocate the fissure directly above the surface of the zener card. It is very important not to become over-exited from the newborn situation but to remain perfectly calm, stable and focused on the training.

In case the student becomes overwhelmed with excitement, starts to fool or jump around, the psychic fissure will close instantly, and the student will have to work twice harder to achieve the same level of development.
Very soon after the student freezes the fissure above the zener card, the symbol on it will start to become visible.

However, in the beginning the images will be only black and white. With further concentration on observing through the fissure on the mental screen, the color will start to appear. It will be coming slowly, but it will come. The moment the color starts accompanying the psychic sight of the student is a good point from which it will not take long before the student manages to scan all of the 25 cards correctly.

Perhaps, in the beginning through the fissure, some anomalies will be visible like seeing a square, which in reality is a circle, but they will vanish in time. Under no circumstance, the student should try to extend the psychic fissure until he/she has reached the score of 25 correct answers with five decks in a row. If the result is 24, it is not good enough and one has to work until he/she reaches the top score of 25.

Note: Jumping into the next stage of the third’s eye development, without previously achieved perfection is a major mistake. Because of that, the student must be patient and wait until the result shows full readiness for the next level.
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