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If someone is interested in 2012 RV and tuning into the Planetary Psionic Field, here is a good method for developing clairvoyance, increasing the power of the consciousness and utilization of the higher harmonics in the human DNA structure.

It will make the Remote Viewing and Astral travel completely under control which is essential for the 2012 scenario. As soon as the mental screen opens, you will be connected to the Universe and from there “input” that concerns the purpose of your incarnation here, will come.

It will come as a contact with higher intelligences or with the Gaya itself.

So here it is…


Clairvoyance is a mental ability closely tied with the remote viewing. The human’s third eye has the leading role since it enables the consciousness to see through the mental screen. There are many methods to develop the third eye. I have chosen to present the method I have mastered a long time ago and am completely sure it works.

The method is universal and most of the psychic abilities can be developed through it. This method, which in fact is a system of exercises, consists of seven stages starting with the zener cards and as each stage is completed, the training gets harder and harder.

However, before I go any deeper into the subject of the psychic training, it is better to clear up some things first concerning the zener cards. The zener cards, also known as ESP cards, are the basis of the modern parapsychology. Although most people consider them just a useful tool for ESP testing, they are much more than that.

The use of the zener cards is also a powerful tool through which individuals can awake and develop their third eye with a special training. One deck of the zener cards consists of five symbols multiplied five times - star, waves, plus, circle and square.

All of the 25 cards are totally black on one side and on the other side there is white background with bolded black colored symbol. In the beginning, the task of the student helped by an inner sense is to feel or see the symbol on the card.

Because during the training the student is blindfold, while the sense of the student’s physical sight is off, the other senses increase and sharpen more. However, the purpose of this universal method is not to sharpen the other senses, but to awake and develop a (figuratively speaking) “new sense”, which contains the other five senses in it and much more.

It is completely irrelevant how you call this new sense – third eye, sixth sense or Ajna chakra. You will not make a mistake, because it is the same thing. Once this new sense starts to awake, most of the psychic powers can be achieved, cultivated and made ready for everyday use. The system of exercises to follow will lead you to a point where you will become the master or your mental potentials.

The universal method is so complete that each of you willing to sacrifice about two or three years of your life can achieve higher mental powers and develop your psychic abilities beyond words. Nevertheless, although some authors promise you that you will develop your psychic powers in weeks by some specific method, I will not give promises like that and I will give you only the time that took me to develop them.

It must become perfectly clear to every true student that it takes major self-discipline, top determination and persistence to keep up with the everyday hard training.



As for almost everything else in psychic practice, the student must find a quiet and isolated place to be able to work undisturbed with an assistant. It must be done in pairs because the student must be blindfold all the time during the training, and will need somebody to put the zener cards behind him/her and inform the student about the accuracy of the answers.

The whole process in this stage works like this:

The blindfold student must sit on a chair and the assistant should sit two meters behind him and put the cards one by one on a smaller table. In the beginning, there must be some clear space between the student and the table where the zener cards with the symbol up will be put.

Since it is going to take about two to three hours of practicing, some instrumental music cannot do any harm to the training process and it will provide a smoother training. However, it is important that the music is with relatively slow rhythm and pleasant for hearing. Some sounds from the ambient or meditative music enjoyable to both of them will do just fine.

However, the quiet and slow instrumental music can bring only benefit to the training and if somebody likes to practice in silence, it is perfectly OK, and can work in silence.

The assistant should reshuffle the deck well, and put the cards one by one. The table, except for the only one card, which has to be put in the middle point, must be completely clear of any other objects. For now, the side with the symbol of the card should be up because it will allow the student to feel or see it more easily. If during the process of practicing, the assistant forgets to remove the deck from the table, it will be a major mistake.

The rest of the cards in the deck, though turned on the side with the black background up, will surely influence the student’s efforts to locate the symbol of the target card, which is in the middle of the table. For that reason, the assistant who can seat on a comfortable sofa should split the deck in three piles.

All those parts should be put on the sofa and by no excuse on the table where the target card is. The first pile should contain the wrong answers, the second the correct answers and the third one normally, the cards which remain to be put on the table.

When the mental scan of all cards of the deck is over, the assistant informs the student of the correct answers and notes the result in a notebook, which can be used for monitoring the student’s progress.

Then, the assistant has to reshuffle the deck well and when that is done, the process goes on with the next deck of cards.

The student is allowed only one answer, and the assistant (at least in this stage of the training) should confirm the result of the student’s answer with a simple Yes/No, or True/False.

The black fold around the student’s eyes should be neither too tight, nor too feeble. Student’s clothes should be comfortable like tracksuit or so, to be able to sit in the chair for hours without feeling uncomfortably. Before the training starts, it is advisable to try to sit in one position on the chair that mostly suits the student’s body and to “freeze” in that position.

The student can put his/her arms on the knees or thighs, but he/she should try to hold the head, neck and spine in straight line as much as possible.

Until now, I have explained the basic rules of the training, and now I will explain the inner procedure to be performed in the consciousness. The inner process, which will be performed in the student’s consciousness, requires great ability of visualization, concentration, and focus on the inner psychic force and by all means great ability of the consciousness to move out of the physical body.

Before the start with the first deck of zener cards, the student must calm the consciousness by entering the meditative state similar to the one I have mentioned in the “deep peace meditation”. After having calmed his/her thoughts and reached inner peace, the student should concentrate on the inner energy, which flows through his/her body. When the student feels the streaming of pleasant bioenergy, he/she is ready for the training and can give the assistant a sign to put the first card on the table.

Then, the student must completely free his/her consciousness and to try to pull out the inner sense, which lies deep down in him/her to feel the objects that are around. The first thing the student must concentrate on is the streaming of the energy between him/her and the chair.

The student has to feel the chair as a part of him/her the way a driver feels the car while driving it. Then, he/she should redirect the psychic feeling following the pattern: – between him/her and the carpet (if there is any); between him and the legs of the table; the whole table; the target card; and at the end between him/her and the card’s symbol.

The secret lies in establishing some kind of emotional bridge between one’s self and the symbol of the target card.

The rest will come by itself.

The establishing of this kind of an emotional bridge should be done very slowly and with no rush because it will produce contra effect if done otherwise. In other words, the student should not keep a feeling of impatience within since it will surely lead to a wrong answer. On the contrary, the correct answer comes as a result of patient psychic touch between the student and the symbol of the card.

In time and with practice, the student will surely reach the level of being capable to easily move his/her psychic touch onto the objects that are around. The inner feeling will develop greatly and it will become so sharp that sometimes the student will feel almost equal as a physical touch with the card. After the student reaches 70% of accuracy in the answers, he/she should repeat this score with the next five decks.

Note: Under no condition, no matter how well the training goes, it is not advisable for the student at this stage to start working with two cards at the same time. That would be a big mistake, which will cost the student much more than he/she can imagine.

If the student tries to feel two or more cards in the same time, he/she will soon lose the psychic touch and will have to work very hard again to reach the same point of development. In other words, the student will lose two months of training just in a few minutes and will have to practice even longer to reach the same level of accuracy.

Please, believe my words, because I have passed the whole training myself and encountered the same problem. The practice with more cards will follow in the next stages when the student is ready for it. Thus, the discipline of practicing is one of the primary objectives that will lead the student to progress.

When the student succeeds to reach the result of 70% accuracy in the previous five decks only by using the psychic touch, which usually takes two or three months to complete, he/she is ready for the next stage. Still, this is only the weaker manifestation of the third eye and now the student must work on the visual part of it, which is much harder to achieve.
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