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Default 2012

And little zoomed out 21 Dec 2012 night sky from another location:

Plus add the little change of Earth’s nominal orbit as a result of our star gravity, and there you have it – the perfect alignment!

Please take in consideration that Mars is not burned by the expansion of the Sun, but together as Earth stays dangerously close to the Sun. What you make of this info is your choice.

But this is what “they” insist that we understand!

And the dates are all there depicted in the crops. You can check them all on NASA’s Solar System Live:

I have not much to add to this information. Please if someone overthere has extended knowledge about this, he/she is absolutely welcome to extend this info.

Once more, we are only transit phenomena. The Cosmos is bigger then us, our reality and our lives. This isn’t either good either bad. Its just is…

I believe that there is nothing that we have to fear…At the end of 2012 we are facing something remarkable. We are facing something beautiful and something extraordinary.

We are facing our Creator and we are going home.

It was about time…

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