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Only last year here it was Liblabcon we have a couple of rebels that have as I said obviously been promoted to balance the scales & bring Labour back from the dead to their original ideals, to keep the dualistic game plodding on.. as they have fuck all support after the Blairites ruined them.

Yes there will be real politics discussed & brought up but the agenda has not changed has it one bit & you are trying to tell me Corbyn doesnt know what the global warming scam is all about or how much we have been shafted by EU banksters feast?
No Corbyn is talking quantitative easing for the people, when there shouldn't be any quantitative toxic debt in the 1st place for the banksters to feast on.
So is just more polytricks rather than truth..and as Iam pointed out the City plutocrats run things, but you wont find Corbyn or Farage mentioning this or how much power this sovereign entity has in the house of commons..
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