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I don't own a TV but when i see bits of it all i see is social engineering. It's just relentless social engineering designed to shape peoples perceptions and to subconsciously nudge them in the direction that the engineers of perception want them to go in

The DNA companies offering to tell people their own history share that DNA data with the intelligence agencies and law enforcement and also people have given samples to different companies and found they have given them back different answers

So clearly the whole thing is a scam that not only can't be trusted to tell you the truth of your origins but will also share your DNA with the very same deep state that is building a technocracy that will use your biomettric data to control you

Its a way of tricking you into freely giving up the data of the very building blocks of your body

if the deep state is to be able to target people with the correct frequencies then they must know your individual set up
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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