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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Some gullible fools get small rewards to flood the internet with one-sided (Zionist) propaganda and harass anybody that criticises Israel (and its British masters).

These “shills” usually fool themselves into believing that their silly posts are innocuous, but these scumbags are in fact actively supporting genocide:
Must be yourself your talking about - seeing as you deliberately post false hoods - so you can only be doing so with the intent of undermining the forums.

Like wise screaming shill at everyone and calling them Zionist because they dont believe every bit of Anti Israel propaganda can only be a deliberate effort to make the forum look like its full of anti Semitic bigots.

As ive condemned Israel, UK, Russia, Palestine the US and various individuals across the political spectrum - im not sure how somebody who is incapable of accepting truths that run counter to his opinions and outright refuses to condemn all parties has the nerve to suggest other people are biased.

Am I to assume that as your now screaming zionazi and shill at your keyboard - you've actually looked at the forrestal and realised im right the whole WET START** tale is made up smear by an unpleasant individual who has form for this and has been disseminated by people who failed to check - but rather than admit your mistake your going to do the usual change tack and hurl other accusations and ignore what was being challenged and hope others fail to notice because its buried under a myriad of other false allegations.

Is Mccain a nice man - no idea never met him
Does he have some poor political ideas - yes
Did he have some dodgy dealings probably he was a senior politician
Did he betray his cell mates in Vietnam - dont know - I wasn't there - Im leaning towards smear because people who were there havent accused him - accusations all originate from the same source quoting unnamed veterans

Did he cause the Forrestal fire by wet starting - causing a jet of flame to ignite the missile of the aircraft behind him - No - Physically impossible for his aircraft to have been responsible for the fire - the flight deck footage proves this - witness statements prove this - Official report confirms this even the captains original guess of an extreme wet start confirms Mccain wasn't responsible ( he states aircraft mid deck near Island )

**There may be holes in the official story Mccain may well have made mistakes or screwed up - ive never disputed this ( in fact I highlighted some inconsistencies) - Ive only challenged the wet start lie
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