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@ surfer & cinder

sometimes the way I say things sounds drastic and final , bad habit of mine

when I said God is an invention of man used to back up his desires I didn't mean there is no god or no divine source

of course there is a creator , a divine , a source of all that is

I believe personally that we are energy first and matter second , no matter would exist without the energy infusing it and binding it together

but the reason I personally don't appreciate the Abrahamic religions is because of what they inspire

there are , without doubt , incredible insights into the human condition and our relationship with the creator in the works inspired from Abraham

what is the line '' ye shall know them by their fruits '' ?

little things like that , or Solomons '' there is nothing new under the sun ''

when it comes to the fruits line , we shall know them by their fruits , this to me is one of the ironies of ironies when it comes to Abrahamic beliefs

we shall know them by their fruits

we shall know them by their deeds not their words , but their actions

so how do they act these representatives of the abrahamic faiths ?

on an individual level it can produce great acts of kindness but as you said , the human condition plays a part and collectively the three branches of Abraham are rotten fruits

Namaste would be a good word to use here , because the spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you and I would no more make fun of that than I would of death

but the rest ? insisting that on the one hand corruption and an astro turf of lies covers the truth ?

what is the truth of the spirit ? that it is bound to a creator ? or part of an ever changing dance ?

is the creation also the destruction ? is it both ?

would it inspire to murder for the sake of what ?

cleansing ?

I just cannot see it like that

I think what we know as Abrahmic faith is the will of a creature , not the creator , to me the faiths of Abraham are the will of the creature and the desires of man together blocking the creator from inspiring us

I have noticed how far from love all three faiths take people while all three scream of love in competition

false Gods indeed , IMO Abraham was inspired by a creature be it energetic or physical , maybe a bit of both

it's interesting talking to you both , thank you for being you
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