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Abraham would be so proud !

in fact God would be proud

for at least the past couple of thousand years of history ( mind boggling ) people have been butchering each other and persecuting each other over what ?

entry to see God when it boils down to it

and what a crock of shit it all is when you consider how easy it would be for God to just make an appearance and settle it once and for all

Abrahamic religions bring nothing but suffering and persecution where ever they are followed

Jesus ? Ezra ? Mohammed ?

which one ? some say just one some say all but especially one

bollocks , bollocks and bollocks

all three Abrahamic religions remove us from the natural cycles of observing the passing of the seasons and instead of celebrating life they celebrate death

what a set up of the ages

all three Abrahamic religions believe themselves to have the only answer to all our problems and all three like a satanic triangle keep humanity from evolving

one teaches disdain , one teaches judgement and one teaches violence

all while claiming to be the opposite

what a mind fuck
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