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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
I'd agree that Mourinho is a death knell for utd - yes, he put his team 2nd in a league dominated by City, but his spirit is empty and lifeless and he has sucked the life and passion out of utd.

Rashford and Lingard, as well as Lakaku are all world class players for the world stage, but their club games don't echo how good they are.

Sterling is the opposite of that lol. give Lingard and Lakaku to Pep, and he will let them shine

Anywho, France are currently one up - and are playing the game to shut down midfield and attacks.
I think we shall have to see ho the season unfolds, I think Mourino is much hungrier than he lets on. We matched City at the start of the season, then they beat us and we had a big wobble, the wheels fell off and so did Pogba's form because they all knew the league was a massive uphill battle after those 3 draw's following the defeat.

I think since SAF left the club, the void has been huge because he was Manchester United for 2 and a half decades.
Moyes was a rabbit in the head lights.
Van Gaal was a strict disciplinarian which the club needed to arrest the free fall from Moyes and Giggs.
People complained about the football being boring, but for me on a personal level, I actually enjoyed it more often than not. It was refreshing to see the lads playing to a system and using intelligence and regime, which they struggled with and only shown its true power against the top 6..minnows clubs playing kick and rush always caught us out.
Van Gaal lost the Champions league spot to city on goal difference and won the FA cup, and the club sacked him that night..I dont think they treated mr Van Gaal with the respect he was due, caving in to fan pressure and "the united way" of playing demands (which was fucking ironic considering how far we had fallen previously).
They appointed Mourino so soon because he gave them an ultimatum, that he would be off to PSG. United caved, desperate for success, and Jose started his tenure.

Ive watched him for 2 seasons now and I think we are getting our own style. we have been plagued by injuries for decades, but this season, Jose has kept the injuries down to a minimum, one of the major factors I would suggest is that we run the least amount of miles in the premier league last season and finished 2nd..If you havent got the strength in depth, the one must use ones strengths wisely.
I say he still has it, but he has changed with change.
He knows he cannot match the flair of Pep, so he counters pep, but the team must be strict and carry out his instructions to the letter, if they dont they better win.
He was furious when City beat us because the players were not covering the City players like they were told to do all match, they were getting pulled all over like school boys at times.
Klopp, top manager his Liverpool are playing really exciting football too, (shit when your hated rivals have managers you really respect and they are playing much more attractive football than us..but Ill take the trophies over the ooh haa's)

So, sorry for the long post, but Im looking forwards to the season coming, and I thought I would give my two penneth as an occasional match going fan.
I think the fans are split over Jose, some love him and others despise him.


I thought the France - Belgium game was very good, some really good moves and excellent attacks/defending/keeping too...more goals would have been nice, but would also have tarnished the goal keeping and top defending from both teams.
Very tight but I thought the best team won, even though belgium were much nicer on the eye for most parts of the game.

Its difficult to see any of the two teams stopping France, considering France are the only team to stop Belgium scoring..
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