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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
After many more insults,
Hypocrisy - you started them. I attacked your content.

in a bizarre action to chase forum member “Skulb” away, “Truegroup” added a picture of a “like by st jimmy” to several posts.
That is a lie. I don't even know who this skulb bloke is or care what he does.

These pictures were then deleted leaving no evidence.
The pictures were not offensive were they? Did they upset poor lil' Jimbo?

Except for the screenprint I made of it and posted with an explanation and the conclusion “If this isn’t reason enough to ban Truegroup, I don’t know what is”.
Uhuh, and your "explanations" are always sooooo accurate

My added explanation is that the location of the “like by st jimmy” is wrong - above “Truegroup”´s signature instead of below.
Looks like we got ourselves a genuine genius here folks

I complained about this but instead of banning Truegroup my post with the screenprint was simply deleted:
Is it bannable to post pictures now

I was surprised that “Truegroup” was finally banned about a month later;
Well that stops your absolute shite observations being taken to pieces.

But much less suprised that it was reinstated in all its glory to continue with the endless insults...
"It"? I am male. I don't endlessly insult, I go after the content. Learn the difference

Where have all the “good” posters gone that were “banned” or “restricted” indefinitely?!?
Which ones? Your postings epitomise everything wrong with conspiracy theorists.

You post somebody else's shite claim and run away when it is shown as such. You fail so many times to even respond to debunks.
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