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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
No, what Im saying is that I personally dont mind people doing that. I never said that masons are doing it. Sad that you have to distort my words to promote your own bullshit. Cant see why honouring the divine feminine is shameful. Maybe you prefer it to all about the men though as you seem to have a phallic obsession in many of your posts.

you get the best insults on the DIF!

elsewhere you get called boring stuff like 'tinfoil hat wearer' or 'conspiracy nutjob' but here you get called things like 'phallic obsessed' or the other day i was called a 'pseudo-intellectual'

there's a bit of thought gone into those insults at least

But concerning your point i have no problem with honouring the sacred feminine which in the case of the old goddesses was related to CARE about right action in society

If you were able to look at my posts more impartially you would see that there is a trend in my threads of exploring the ways in which society is being thrown off balance and what possible action might then be required to bring things back on an even keel

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