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Lightbulb The Five

2nd Lieutenant Joanna Dyer ..
Joanna Dyer, 24, a 2nd lieutenant, (bourn in Berlin in 1983) dyed alongside 3 other soldiers and a civilian interpreter when their Warrior armoured vehicle was destroyed by a "colossal" blast in southern Iraq..The other troops were named by the Ministry of Defence yesterday as Cpl Kris O'Neill, 27, Pte Eleanor Dlugosz, 19 and Kingsman Adam Smith, also 19..Passing out in the same company as Prince William in December after a year's officer training, 2nd Lt Dyer decided to deploy immediately to Iraq to gain operational experience..The statement added: "Jo was a close friend of his at Sandhurst and he is very much thinking of her family and friends right now and they will remain in his thoughts and prayers"..Her sister Holly is also serving in Iraq but was at home on leave when she was told of the darth...

PTE Eleanor Dlugosz..

Hampshire Army medic Eleanor Dlugosz was travelling in a Warrior armoured vehicle on her way back from a patrol near Basra when she was fatally injured in a roadside bomb attack..The 19-year-old was killed on April 5 last year in the early-morning attack by insurgents, who were later seen holding her helmet aloft..A horse-lover, she was described as a "strong, bright and capable young woman" who had quickly gained the respect of her colleagues..Her mother, Sally Veck, told at the time of the pride she had for her daughter and of the pain of her loss..She said she knew her daughter had been doing a dangerous job, but that nothing would have stopped her serving on the front line..Fighting back tears, Ms Veck, 41, added that, although she was hurt by TV pictures showing Iraqis holding her daughter's helmet aloft, she knew her daughter had been helping the people of that country rebuild their lives..She added: "She was my star all the time.. She loved her job and she was my action girl"..

Kingsman Adam Smith..Cpl Kris O'Neill, 27...

Last Of The Summer Wine - BBC Speci al 82..

L/Cpl Martyn Compton..

L/Cpl Martyn Compton, ,from Staplehurst, near Maidstone, with The Household Cavalry was so badly injured in the Taliban attack in 2006 that his heart stopped 3 times and he lost his ears and nose..He suffered burns to 75 per cent of his body, and was in a coma for 3 months before he regained consciousness.. He had been in Helmand province for 5 weeks when his convoy entered a deserted looking village on August 1 last year.. As they passed through the village, the Taliban launched their ambush..“I saw a Taliban fighter appear over the wall and fire a RPG straight at me, into the tank”..The vehicle’s engine exploded, engulfing Cpl Compton in flames..“I threw my body armour off. It was melting into my skin. I rolled around on the floor.. I thought I was going to dye”..Incredibly, he managed to run about 80 metres and find cover behind a low wall.. A Taliban shot him in the leg..Eventually he heard British voices. His colleagues discovered 3 dead soldiers and realised a 4th was missing.. They could not believe Cpl had run as far as he had.. They assumed he had been blown from the vehicle..They almost didn’t rescue him, almost mistaking his charred face for the dark skin of a Taliban.."Michelle told me everything she loved about me was still the same and that she would always stand by me...I love her to bits for that"...

In a statement released last night the family of Pte Smith, 19, said: "No amount of words can describe how much we are hurting.."We keep thinking, hoping it's not real and at any moment we will wake up from this nightmare.."Adam was the most wonderful and beautiful person anyone could wish to meet, he always had a smile on his face and loved life so much.. Everyone loved him and he has left so many broken hearts behind him"..Kingsman Adam Smith, 19, is one of the growing number of teenagers killed in Iraq..The soldier joined the Army aged 16 and was described as a cheerful and highly respected colleague..The Liverpudlian's "coolness under pressure" had already marked him out as a person of considerable potential, the regiment said..As a member of the reconnaissance platoon from the 2Bn the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, Kingsman Smith, whose rank is the equivalent of private, was at the forefront of many operations..Captain Mike Peel, his platoon commander, said: "Kingsman Smith was a soldier with an irrepressible sense of humour..."He will be sorely missed by all who had the honour to serve alongside him"..

Two young boys now face life without their "loving father" after his death in Iraq..Cpl Kris O'Neill, 27, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, had struggled to recover from a knee injury to get to the war zone in January..As a combat medic he was the first to keep soldiers alive when wounded and he was praised yesterday for his "unflappable nature"..The soldier had also spent many hours instructing the Iraqi police in first aid..He "could be relied upon to always strive to deliver his best," colleagues said yesterday..Even when officially off duty he would make sure that his soldiers had everything they needed and often work long hours behind the scenes, they added...

Her father, Lt Col Neil Dyer, formerly of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, was a contemporary at Sandhurst of Capt Mark Phillips, the Princess Royal's former husband..Her mother Annie was a captain in Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps... think this boy has got any notion of the sorts of sons of britches that're huntin' him?.I don't know, he ought to.. He's seen the same things I've seen, and it's certainly made an impression on me...

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