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In the 1980s, the IRA in East Tyrone and other areas close to the border, such as South Armagh, were following a Maoist military theory devised for Ireland by Jimmy Lynagh, a high-profile member of the IRA in east Tyrone (but a native of County Monaghan). The theory involved creating "no-go zones" that the security forces of Northern Ireland did not control and gradually expanding them to make the country ungovernable.

Journalist Ian Bruce, claims that an Irishman who served on the Parachute Regiment was the leader of the IRA unit, citing intelligence sources.

Róisín McAliskey, daughter of political activist Bernadette McAliskey and suspected IRA member from Coalisland was accused by German authorities of being involved in a mortar attack on British Army facilities in Osnabrück, Germany, on 28 June 1996. Her extradition from Northern Ireland was refused in 2007.

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