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Originally Posted by elixirsoo View Post
Hi white horse

I have a little netbook just for accessing my pdfs etc.. I am also storing stuff on flash memory cards, which I keep in sealed cases. It's amazing how much can be fitted on them and they take up so little space.
Hey yeah - time to give some serious thought to keeping back some old/current technology cos over the next 2 years you will loose all your computing power to 'the network', local computing will not be possible.

Gonna look at a dekstop and a laptop, and burn some CDs/DVDs full of all types of software and media... especially survival stuff!

laptops will be crucial cos they should be easier to jury rig for power than a pc?

Widn up radios, solar powered calculators etc; all that stuff we are being encouraged to ditch in favour of internet or phone apps.

Time to start keeping a stash.

... hmmm....

OK - I think this year I will have to start my survial raft and start collecting stuff in the loft maybe... hmmmm...
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