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Originally Posted by white horse View Post
Shamelessly copied post from the forbidden GLP forum.

Excellent find wakeup2nwo.
Brilliant work you guys for all these links; diving in and picking out what I can...

You know what you need? You need to keep a W98 or XP machine in good working order when you next upgrade your tech, make sure it has a DVD reader/writer and store as much of this information on DVDs.

So long as you can find a 240v AC current you can fire it up...

Otherwise it means printing it out and forming some kind of library somewhere!

... would be good wouldn't it to organise a DIF 'seed bank' that could be used for physical storage... need some way to provide access to a repository of knowledge... ram it with books and printed material...

[EDIT] o yeah sorry forgot why I posted a reply - Was going to recommend giving the Joy of Gardening a miss. Dreadful book. Not useful.
Hi white horse

I have a little netbook just for accessing my pdfs etc.. I am also storing stuff on flash memory cards, which I keep in sealed cases. It's amazing how much can be fitted on them and they take up so little space.
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