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Surprisingly, (or perhaps not) there do not appear to be any videos on water quality testing of bottled water on you tube.

The only ones available are ph - this means little (water is always 7 to 7.5, unless there is something amiss). Adding bicarbonates will increase the ph value of any water.

TDS testing (means nothing whatsoever) and only applies to distilled. But people testing mineral water for ppm. - Well of course there are going to be minerals in it! TDS cannot differentiate from good or bad content, and can thus only indicate "content". In this respect it is virtually useless unless you are seeking the best distilled water possible.

Distilled tap water is never 100% clear of metals and toxins.

However basic testing may be carried out by pond/aquarium testing strips - or for oxygen levels, you need to buy a chemical testing kit which is rather more expensive, and usually unnecessary. Provided the water can breathe, (and in a pond using oxygenating plants and duckweed) oxygen content should be fine.

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