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Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
Joking over a hoax to pretend debunking a ‘conspiracy theory’… Yet the author tried his best to make his article look real, and he did a good job as the content indeed makes sense… deep sense… It basically summarizes half the job done by those who cared to demystify the Moon landing myth.

Things are thus made that however you try to distort evidence, it keeps making sense…
A perfect example of somebody who is described in the OP. When given a link to my thread he chickened out when he saw stuff he couldn't answer. Pathetic beyond words really. Then he posts this horseshit above.

For a trufer ....gibberish works. For a truth seeker, all evidence works.

I've been on this forum a long long time. Way too long really. I should have left the inmates many years ago, to their self reinforcing delusion.

Unreachable, no logic, no critical thinking skills. You simply cannot reason a trufer out of a position they didn't reason themself in to.
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