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Originally Posted by johnnycash View Post
Don't be foolish. A grow person who's in love with a child is not a pedophile.

A pedophile is someone who rapes children for pleasure. Make sure to keep this clear and think before you judge.

Imagine if a 27 year old, really attractive woman fell desperately in love with a 9 year old boy? Do you really think that's really that wrong? If its love, its love, if its mutual, great! If not, well too bad.

I remember being a like a 7 y/o kid, and I fell in love with my babysiter, I would dream about her and wishing I kissed her. Don't you think I would be really happy if she felt the same for me and if something happened? I would!

So think before you judge, everything is not what it seems, don't let the fucking media and all their big ugly words shape your mind.
From my own memories of childhood, children are curious about sex, find it funny, naughty, and it’s also wrapped up in romantic notions and expectations of adulthood. Children are not sexual beings in the same way that adults are though, and any misconstruence or exploitation of that by adults is not very healthy, in my opinion.
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