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Originally Posted by roastpotatoes View Post
I think there is a correlation between public schools and homosexuality. There is a separate thread about "Does Eton (all boys) have a higher number of paedohiles?" From the days of Tom Brown Schooldays, pederasty has happened in public schooling. Most senior politicians were educated in public schools. I'll leave it there.

The Needleblog site has a database of convicted paedophiles in relation to institutional paedophilia.
Aleister Crowley went to such schools and reported that such things went on quite a bit, even that his room mate used to sell himself to older boys. He had himself removed from that particular school when he reported the facts to a member of his family.

I suppose the trigger could be that people are taken from their families and put into a place where there may be little emotional support, at least in the old days. Finding some form of comfort in another person of the same sex would probably occur quite easily then develop from there.
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