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Originally Posted by vanderfred View Post
Funny thing about "liberals," they're always going on about minority rights, even if they're harmful to society. It's like saying you shouldn't wipe out smallpox because the virus is an endangered specis.

How about, instead of saying refugees have a right to swarm into Europe because they've decided to come, if they said to the ones already here since years, "It's OK, the war's over now, you can sod off back home!"
The solution is much simpler: Just don't throw bombs on middle eastern countries to thus provide people over there with the excuse to come over here. That would get rid of both the problem of letting them in and sending them back to where they came from. But no - instead blame the liberals for a problem that started on the conservatives watch - 9/11/ weapons of mass destruction/Bush-Cheney/neo-cons. All to blame on those horroble tree hugging liberals. I don't get how people can think like that. It must be the Alex Jones effect or something.
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