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Do mean grey as indicating it's Titanic or grey meaning it indicates Olympic?. If grey primer is seen under the peeled paint, then that would be Titanic.

If it shows the letters T, I, and C then it surely must be Titanic. How can letters corrode away leaving only letters T, I and C when theorists are adamant that the name Olympic would be there instead?. If the letters are slowly rotting away, then you would notice the letters of Olympic underneath.

I try to be reasonable when approaching this subject, but neither the debunkers or the theorists of the switch seem to come up with an explanation, and if you ask Titanic switch researchers why there are the letters of the name Titanic in footage of the wreck, they just claim it's fake. I'm open to the ship having been deliberately sunk, and I don't entirely accept the iceberg cause, but the whole switch thing is too far fetched IMO, solely because of the amount of work that would've had to have been undertaken for each ship to have been switched and have Olympic pass as Titanic without anyone noticing. Contrary to myth, they didn't really look that alike, certainly not from an interior POV. I know most of the passengers may not have noticed, but certainly the crew would have.

They also claim that Olympic was so badly damaged by the incident with HMS Hawke that it would've been written off by the insurers. If that's the case and it was so badly damaged, yet patched up, then how the hell did it manage to make it half way across the Atlantic?. A write off would mean it couldn't be used anymore.

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