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I find the Titanic conspiracy utterly fascinating. I know it's not on the radar for most people on this forum.

I've been looking through various Titanic and Olympic photos, particularly Titanic as she was en route to Ireland. There are a series of photos taken by passengers whom disembarked at Cherbourg and Queenstown, some taken by Jesuit Father Browne. I know this has been mentioned previously, but what strikes me is that on these photos there doesn't appear to be anyone around (or very few) on board, at least on deck where said photos were taken. Titanic was around 700 ft long and supposedly had a passenger and crew list total of over 2000 people (not sure how many where on board prior to embarking at those locations, but I assume it was around that number when she was headed for New York. 2000 plus people on an ocean liner half the size of a modern cruise ship would surely have been more observable, wouldn't it have not?. Where were the other passengers?. The famous "leaving Southampton" photo were Titanic is just about to be moored off, shows a significant number of passengers on deck waving. I know that all the classes were separated from each other; 3rd class weren't allowed on the A deck where the 1st class passengers were.

I was listening to a recent interview with John Hamer on the Ritchie Allen Show from 13th Dec 2018. Hamer mentioned that Titanic was only half full. I don't know how 2000 passengers could be considered half full. Maybe there weren't that many people on board, why I don't know. It would be interesting to see what his views on the event being staged would be.

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