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Arrow Witchcraft

McDonnell Jet Interceptor: Voodoo Mission- 1960's Educational Film..
In the 17th Century the Lanier family buried a Whitlock woman alive as a witch and took over the Whitlock estate.. A bitter hatred of the Lanier family continues into the present..However two descendants, Diane Whitlock and David Lanier, fall in love and plan to marry regardless of the families' objections..Without their knowledge and following the instructions of Lanier manager a bulldozer overturns headstones and churns up graves in the old Whitlock Cemetery..At night, when all is quiet an exhumed grave opens and Vanessa, the witch buried centuries ago, rises from the grave.. Together with Morgan Whitlock , they use their witchcraft and one by one, the Laniers meet with various fatal accidents...

March 1 - Most of the passengers are from the San Jose area/6 -Constantine II becomes King of Greece, upon the death of his father King Paul-Malcolm X, suspended from the Nation of Islam, says in New York City that he is forming a black nationalist party\8-The main belt asteroid 3181 Ahnert is discovered/10– The Queen gives birth to her fourth child and THIRD son\12 – Malcolm X leaves the Nation of Islam/14 – A Dallas, Texas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald\15 – Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor marry (for the first time) in Montreal/17 - Born: Rob Lowe, US actor, in Charlottesville, Virginia; Regal Gleam, US thoroughbred racehorse\24-In His Own Write is published/26-You Only Live Twice\27-Kosmos 27 is launched by the Soviet Union/28-King Saud of Saudi Arabia abdicates the throne-The Beatles are put on display in London's Madame Tus-sauds Wax Museum-Radio Caroline becomes the UK's first "Pirate" radio station\30 – Violent disturbances between Mods and Rockers at Clacton beach/31 - Born: Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukrainian politician, economist and screenwriter, in Dnipropetrovsk– The military overthrows Brazilian President João Goulart in a coup, starting 21 years of dictatorship in Brazil...

1964 trailer..

Vodou has often been associated in popular culture with Satanism, witchcraft, zombies and "voodoo dolls".. The practice of sticking pins in voodoo dolls has history in folk magic.. "Voodoo dolls" are often associated with New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo as well the magical devices of the poppet and the nkisi or bocio of West and Central Africa...

September – Pete Townshend of The Who destroys his first guitar in the name of auto-destructive art at the Railway Hotel, London\2-Hurricane Cleo, now over the Atlantic, intensifies to hurricane force again/3– The Wilderness Act, signed into law in 1964, created the National Wilderness Preservation System - Robert F. Kennedy resigns as US Attorney General\4 – The Forth Road Bridge opens over the Firth of Forth, linking Fife and Edinburgh/6-The Canadian bulk carrier Leecliffe Hall collides with the Greek ship Apollonia and sinks with the loss of 3 crew\ 11-The Beatles arrive belatedly in Florida, their flight having been diverted because of Hurricane Dora/14-The THIRD period of the Second Vatican Council opens\15-The Sun newspaper goes into circulation, replacing the Daily Herald/6– Shindig! premieres on the ABC\18– In Athens, King Constantine II of Greece marries Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark/20– At the autumnal equinox, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) is founded in England\21 – Malta obtains independence from the UK-The North American XB-70 Valkyrie makes its first flight at Palmdale, California/22-The Coyote Canyon Fire breaks out\25– The Mozambican War of Independence is launched by FRELIMO/26 Kuchurgan power station (now the largest power station in Moldova, is commissioned\27-Galway defeat Kerry/28-Died: Harpo Marx, US comedian, 75\30-Born: Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and model, in Città di Castello, Umbria...As he admired her burnished hair and slumbrous eyes, for a moment the Duke was reminded of a Botticelli painting..A rare cinquecento type who should have lived in the Italy of the Borgias...

Witchcraft was released in the UK in March 1964 and in the USA in September of that year..The film was shot over 14 days... fool, he thundered..'I'd rather see you dead than monkeying with Black Magic '.. 'In that case will you permit us to stay and participate in your operations tonight?'...
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