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Lightbulb His Latest Flame

Marie Catherine Laveau..
(Marie's the Name)..His Latest Flame" is a song recorded in a hit version by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music..It was covered by alternative-rock band the Smiths (as part of a live medley with their song "Rusholme Ruffians..The single (a double A-side with "Little Sister") made No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart-Recorded June 26, 1961, Nashville, Tennessee RCA Studios -Released August 8, 1961..

Length 2:07...

Jume 26 - After having gone into hiding in South Africa to avoid arrest, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela issued the manifesto "The Struggle Is My Life", signaling that the ANC leaders had not fled the country, and changing tactics from passive resistance to armed struggle.. A militant wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe ("Spear of the Nation") was founded as part of the new direction-Ernest Hemingway was released from hospitalization for the last time, after spending two months at the psychiatric hospital at the Mayo Clinic for suicidal behavior.. The renowned author would shoot himself 6 days later- Darth: Hélène Dutrieu, 83, Belgian aviatrix who set several records in the early days of airplane flying...

USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608)..

August 8 - The Fantastic 4 team of superheroes was introduced by Marvel Comics, as issue #1 of the comic book of the same name, post-dated for November, was placed on American newsstands and stores for the first time-Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip made the first visit to Northern Ireland by the ruler of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1690, when King William III had landed there.. The royal party arrived at Carrickfergus on the yacht Britannia-The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League defeated the visiting Buffalo Bills, at that time a member of the American Football League, in a preseason exhibition game in Hamilton-The Bills, playing the entire game under Canadian rules, lost 38-21.. The game marked the only CFL-AFL meeting. CFL teams lost all 6 games played against NFL teams, including the last two, played the previous week (August 2, St. Louis 36, Toronto 7, and August 5, Chicago 34, Montreal 16-Nuclear missile carrying submarine USS Ethan Allen was commissioned-The SM-65F Atlas rocket was launched for the first time from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station-Berth: The Edge (David Howell Evans), Irish musician and guitarist for U2, in Barking, London, England; Simon Weston, Welsh war hero, broadcaster and campaigner, in Caerphilly-Darth: Bhagawan Nityananda, 63, Indian guru; Mei Lanfang, 66, Chinese Beijing Opera performer; and Muriel Rahn, 50, African-American theatre singer..

Marie is the Czech, French, and German form of Mary.. Marie is also the variant of Maria for Danish, English, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish, although Icelandic and sometimes Swedish borrowed it from French, or Norwegian.. It is also a name derived from Mary and Maria.. One of the most common female names in the French language, it is used for French men as well , and is pronounced in the same way as the French word mari which means husband.. Also a variant of Mary (Latin) star of the sea...

Marie Antoinette (1755–1793), Queen of France and Archduchess of Austria, who got her head decapitated by guillotine during a revolution/Marie of Edinburgh (1875–1938), Queen Consort of Romania (1914–27)\Marie Curie (1867–1934), Polish-French physicist and wife of Pierre Curie/Marie of Romania (1900–61), Queen Consort of Yugoslavia (1922–34), daughter of Princess Marie of Edinburgh\Marie Helvin (born 52), Japanese-American supermodel/Marie Laveau (1801–1881), New Orleans voodoo practitioner\Marie Louise Jensen (born 64),British children's author-Princess Marie of Denmark (born 76), Danish Princess, wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark/Marie Jose of Belgium (1906-2001), princess and last Queen Consort of Italy..Maria is first seen working in the kennels belonging to her father, Eric..After deciding to change careers, she takes a hairdressing course..Maria's sloppy work habits soon found her on the wrong side of her boss..They persuade her that she simply needs a change of scene so she and Liam return to Ireland..Maria receives a phone call from a distressed Carla.. do you kids live like there's a war on?..I'd like to go back to San Juan..I know a boat you can get on!.."Keep off of the world!".. A gang that don't own the street is nothin'!...

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