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Dr. John Danse Kalinda Ba Doom..
The musical style of Gris-Gris is a hybrid of New Orleans rhythm and blues and psychedelic rock.. Despite the New Orleans style, it was recorded in California, albeit with several native New Orleans musicians.. Due to drug problems and the law, Rebennack moved to Los Angeles in 65, joining a group of New Orleans session musicians. Rebennack survived by playing with various pop and rock recording sessions, receiving much of this work with the help of New Orleanian arranger Harold Battiste..Although the exact origins of the word are unknown, some historians trace the word back to the African word juju meaning fetish..Released Atco Records January 22, 1968..

Recorded Gold Star Studios, LA..

After leaving England, Dakar put into Gibraltar on the morning of 15 January, departing at midnight, and proceeded across the Mediterranean Sea on snorkel.. She reported her position by radio to submarine headquarters in Haifa and was expected to enter her home base on Friday, 2 February, but as she was making excellent time, averaging over 8 knots, Ra'anan requested permission to enter port earlier.. He was ordered to enter on 29 January. Later, Ra'anan requested to enter a day earlier, on 28 January.. This request was denied - the scheduled welcoming ceremony could not be moved..At 06:10 on 24 January Dakar transmitted her position, 34.16°N 26.26°E, just east of Crete..Over the next 18 hours she sent 3 control transmissions, which did not include her position, the last at 00:02 25 January 1968.. No further transmissions were received..On 26 January the British Admiralty reported the submarine was missing and gave the last known position as 100 miles (160 km) west of Cyprus..On 27 January, a radio station in Nicosia, Cyprus, received a distress call on the frequency of Dakar‍ '​s emergency buoy, apparently from south-east of Cyprus, but no further traces of the submarine were found..

Minerve was lost at about the same time as the INS Dakar (a few days apart), over 1,450 miles (2,330 km) away..The success of this device has led to grigri becoming a common name for devices of this type...

On 27 January 1968 at 07:55 hrs, Minerve was travelling just under the surface using her snorkel, roughly 25 nautical miles (46 km) from her base in Toulon, when she advised an accompanying Breguet Atlantic aircraft that she would be at her berth in about an hour; 52 crew, including 6 officers, were on board.. She was never heard from again.. She was lost in waters between 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) and 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) deep..Commander Philipe Bouillot later said that Minerve‍ '​s new captain Lieutenant André Fauve had spent 7,000 hours submerged over 4 years on submarines of the same class and never had a problem.. The only factor known that could have caused her to sink was the weather, which was extremely bad at the time of her loss..The French Navy promptly launched a search for the missing submarine mobilizing numerous ships, including the aircraft carrier Clemenceau and the submersible SP-350 Denise under the supervision of Jacques Cousteau, but found nothing, and the operation was called off on 2 February..To this day no trace of the vessel has been found..The Daphné class was a type of diesel-electric patrol submarines built in France... 1966!. The year One..We're your friends, Rosemary..There's nothing to be scared about.. Honest and truly there isn't!..We're very popular with actors.. Have I, uh, seen you in anything?..

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