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Originally Posted by dentedarthur View Post
or, seeing as we live thousands of miles away, we can question why it is dominating our media?


no reports from syria, iraq, afghanistan, yemen, saudi arabia, bahrain, egypt, palestine, libya, etc.
no deaths?
or not important enough....
Because people want to know whats going on, cos 20 kids got shot in a school.
There are still news reports about whats going on around the world, just put the news on.

What about plebgate? Thats dominating the media.

Or are middle class white american children not as important as poor brown middle eastern kids - they are also thousands of miles away.

get your logic straight.

and ffs what news do you watch? Syria continues to dominate the news.

Whats up with your attention span?

I'm having to really stop myself from calling you all the names under the sun.
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