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Originally Posted by moving finger View Post
Is this place so impossible to get to that you doubters can't travel there and see for yourself?

Why not grow a pair and get down there with some placards and expose these people if you're so convinced it's a fake?

Why not drink plenty of fluids so you can piss on a few children's graves while you're there?

Show the courage of your convictions and confront this man face to face.

People who deny these events are as dehumanised as the sick idiots that perpetrate them.
It does seem odd to me that not only are people questioning the "reason" or cause of the events (such as a false flag to get the guns) - which I think is legitimate with what we know of our sick rulers - But they are also questioning the actual deaths of the children, and mocking the grieving parents.

That aggravates me, and it does seem very dishonourable and cold-hearted. I understand that from our worldview, which is 'nothing is as it seems', that people would raise an eyebrow about the whole gun control fiasco and various inconsistencies with accounts, but to actually say that because theres no evidence that they're dead, that this is suspicious! What do they want? Photos? autopsy footage?

I don't understand why people are saying it didn't happen? They are indeed pissing on the graves of these kids, and pissing on the heroes like Victoria Soto who gave her life to save them. Frankly, I don't care who did it, if it was Adam Lanza or if it was a secret government hit squad. I do care about the memories of these innocent people who died, I do care about the possibility of their parents coming here and reading this, or going onto youtube one day and finding a video that says "Sandy Hook fraud exposed" and seeing a video of themselves, and being mocked for smiling?

How sick is that? That's evil! We have no idea why he smiled as he walked to the podium. Oh it must be because its not real, and his daughter never existed Yeah, he must be demonically possessed

Get a grip DIF.
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