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Originally Posted by tribe_of_david View Post
that video defies logic or reason!!!

not that i would be able to explain how someone should or should not behave after losing there daughter?

but i would not hav thought they would stroll out of the building to be laughing and joking?

the mere fathom of an explanation might be that a grief counselor may have made them relaxed and at ease and used humour to do this?

or perhaps medication he was on?

the 2 reasons i have given when i have read them back myself look preposterous!!! but im just trying to give a reason.

but looking at it i can only shake my head in utter disbelief at what i have just witnessed on that video!!!

how can a man who has lost his 6 year old daughter to a mass shooting only hours earlier act in such a way.

i know there is a saying 'never judge a man untill you have walked a mile in there shoes' but even defying that ... i have to say it is nothing more than bizarre behaviour.
stiff upper lip I say it is. My dad put on a brave face for me when he knew my mum had died, just so I could get through my A level exams. He only told me when I had finished them. Does the guy have other kids? he may be being strong for them, maybe said a little joke or something to keep them at ease. Grief is paralysing, its a horrible thing that sends you brain into overdrive.
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