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Inverted frequencies explanation:
Imagine a wave form starting at 0 and rising to 10 for example, and then decreasing to 0 from 10, and then from 0 to -10, from -10 to 0. This is one cycle. Well inverting this wave it would be exactly the same wave but opposite, so instead of it first rising to 10 from 0, it would decrease from 0 to -10. Inverted frequencies are just a mirror image.

Rife used a plasma tube (looks like purple lightning), more details from an original machine here

To understand the frequencies you need to look at a diagram of the electro-magnetic spectrum (google/wikipedia). Visible light is massively more energetic (higher hz) than microwaves for example, and microwaves can easily pass through the body(they heat/energise the liquid in food in your microwave oven). Past visible light is near, far and extreme UV. The UV band is many times larger than the visible light band. After UV we have X-rays and Gamma Rays. The hz in microwaves alone are in the millions. Some ways of explaining how frequencies are created could be used by music. A single note creates harmonics that are scalar. These harmonics resonate higher and higher in frequency at the SAME time as the note played. I`m a musician primarily, have been teaching music/guitar for 10 years. The human ear can hear between 20hz and 20Khz, but the brain gets effected while listening to certain music which causes emotional response. This wouldn`t happen if there were no harmonics. It explains why CD's don`t create as great an emotional response as to live music, as CD's only play a bit of sound every 44.1Khz (like removing a stylus from a vinyl record every 44,100 times a second), harmonics greater than this can not be heard/felt or sensed by the brain(through sympathetic resonance) with a CD.

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