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Originally Posted by ashyr View Post
this stuff is called many things..

ACE MANA, through to many different forms of ORMUS possibly refined in mediums that specifically work well with cancers.

understand this though. for something to heal it must get bigger in mass. as life and tissue is returned it will get bigger. now also remember that if this is a brain cancer or illness. there is very limited space in your CRANIUM and therefore some people dont reccomend using these to fix the problem because of swelling and other stuff can be very bad for you
Rife used resonant frequencies to kill viruses/tumours, the same way that a glass can be broken by sound. Every living thing on the planet has its own specific frequency, if you tune into that frequency and turn up the volume so to speak, it will destroy it without effecting any other molecule in the body.

Us humans have a combination of frequencies in our bodies. A normal healthy person will have a certain timing of different frequencies, when we get sick, this timing alters. An analagy could be made with the timing of a car engine.

Bio-Resonance therapy can help the body relearn the healthy timing by using electro-magnetic frequencies. Every living thing on the planet, right down to the tiniest of molecules are electro-magnetic in nature. Its based on the Schumann Resonance that every living thing on the planet is locked into. It varies between 3-8hz depending on the time of day and/or weather conditions, every brain on earth also varies between 3-8hz in sympathetic resonance to this. It explains why people notice a change in mood when theres a lightning storm or a full moon, how birds know where to fly in the winter, how all animals can sense an earthquake or storm, why sitting in front of a monitor or are in long term exposure of the electric wiring in our houses (50hz plus) can have adverse effect etc. One of the best cures for depression I believe is to get out of the house and spend time close to nature so the brain/body can relearn how to act accordingly because of this sympathetic resonance. Lightning causes disturbance in the earths ionosphere which disturbs the Schumann Resonance in that area. Although Schumann is credited for its discovery in the 1950`s, Nikola Tesla was the first to try and use this untapped power for energy generation in the early 1900`s.

I know for a fact that it works, as I`ve had bio-resonance therapy to cure my addiction to smoking, its like I never smoked in the first place, I no longer desire a cigarette even around other smokers, and it only took 1 week of no caffeine or pork (which inhibits the body's natural detox process) before having bio-resonance therapy that lasted roughly 20 minutes for me. I`m going back for more bio-resonance therapy shortly to detox my body totally from all toxins.

Mankind has lost touch with nature this past century and therefore the ability to see/feel these effects. Probably the last human race on earth to have this ability was the aborigines of Australia. Maybe David Icke's awakening on a mountain in South America was due to being re-synched to this resonance?

Another thing, its a known fact that single atom molecules are deadly toxins, like carbon-monoxide, mono-sodium glutamate etc. mono being the giveaway. The body can`t cope with these molecules which is why aspartame etc. is so dangerous because of the single molecule methanol that when ingested has to bond/pair up with another certain molecule which eventually creates formaldehyde. Some people say 'But its in fruit stupid'. NO NO NO, in fruit it already has a bond to pectin so that it doesn`t damage us and is very healthy.

Sub atomic particles are a different story, and Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORME) have different effects that are not yet fully understood. So although at first I thought wow this is the answer, no-one on this planet knows yet what the real effect on health is. The only effects known are its superconducting properties, the brain/dna has yet to be fully understood in its superconducting nature. Tamper with nature and you end up being stung. If you overstimulate your brain through excitotoxin it will self destruct. What happens if you overstimulate the superconducting nature of the brain/dna? You may unlock demons as well as angels.

I like the old saying 'If it aint broke, don`t fix it'
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